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Craggs Energy Boiler Service & Tank Health Check



An annual service or check up is important for any complex piece of equipment, it’s important to know everything is working safe and well!

Your Kerosene Heating system is no different. However, don’t think that it is only your oil boiler that needs to be checked, your fuel tank and its feed lines are just as important!



Why should you carry out an annual boiler service?

1. Saves you money on fuel

Checking and cleaning the nozzle, baffles, heat exchangers and the quality of the fuel means that your boiler can run efficiently so you burn less fuel.

2. Makes your boiler last longer

A clean and efficient burn reduces the overall load on the boiler which increases its lifetime.

3. Keeps you safe

Carbon monoxide* can be formed when boilers do not burn cleanly.

Carbon monoxide also known as the “silent killer” is colourless, odourless and lethal. The Department of Health estimates that the gas causes 4,000 hospitalisations and 40 deaths every year in the UK.

Click here to review the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.



Why should you have your tank checked?

One of the biggest risks in any oil heating system is leakage of fuel and thus it is important that your tank is regularly checked. These risks can include:

1. Cost of lost fuel

2. Cost of tank replacement

3. Cost of environmental damage to your property and surrounding properties