Emergency Fuel Line 01422 888 400

Emergency Delivery LandroverAt Craggs Energy we work hard to ensure ordering oil is a hassle free and simple process. We provide a service which promises to get you fuel when you need it. Unlike other fuel providers we have two designated purpose built Land Rover delivery vehicles as well as our group of short wheel based “Baby” tankers driven by our highly trained and experienced drivers. Domestic customers throughout the North West can benefit from specialised vehicles and experienced drivers.

We understand the price of fuel is an area of concern for our customers so we provide a range of prices based on your required delivery time, location and quantity. To receive our cheapest price you can book a place on one of our many scheduled routes that operate across the North. To find out when the next route is passing you simply fill in the form shown on the right to generate a quote →.

Craggs Energy have a wide range of fuel management services to take the hassle away from our customers who don’t want to worry about checking their tank or ordering fuel. To find out more about the wide range of plans available – click here for our Buying Plans & Payment Options page