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Craggs Energy accept card payments and BACS transfers for domestic Heating Oil orders. Cheques are accepted in exceptional circumstances. Should you have any specific payment requirements then please speak to our accounts team for more information. To reduce large one off payments and to receive the maximum benefits from Craggs Energy please see below to our range of buying plans.

At Craggs Energy we are proud to offer a 12 Month Fixed Price buying plan which we call “Oil Price Protect”. For more information about this fantastic new scheme please see the Oil Price Protect information page and get a quote for your entire years consumption of Heating Oil in just a few clicks!

Craggs Energy provide a range of buying plans and payment options to ensure your individual needs are met and you are able to receive our best offers. If you are interested in talking to us about what buying plan or payment option may benefit you the most then please email or call us on the contact us page.