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What is hydraulic oil?

Hydraulic oil can also be known as hydraulic fluid. It can be synthetic or mineral based. Hydraulic Oil is often used to transfer power within the hydraulic machinery but can be used as a sealant, coolant and lubricant within a piece of plant or machinery.


So what is the difference between synthetic and mineral based hydraulic oil?

The vast majority of our hydraulic oils are mineral base or synthetic. Mineral based oils are derived from crude oil. Synthetic hydraulic oils are man-made and are usually manufactured in a lab.

What is hydraulic oil used for and what applications can I use it in?

The main use for hydraulic oils is the transfer of power within the hydraulic systems themselves. The oil gets pushed through the system and produces force on another part of the system. This is useful because hydraulic oil is non-compressible and this can be used with the viscosity of the oil.

Hydraulic fluids are used in many applications. These can include but are not limited to:

Forklift plant – Hydraulic fluid can power the systems within forklift trucks and stackers.

Snow ploughs – This is much the same as forklift machinery.

Tractors – This is used for hydraulic braking systems. These are often extremely expensive bits of machinery so a premium hydraulic oils such as Rock Oil will help ensure the correct oil is used.

Airplanes – Hydraulic oil is used in the aviation control systems. It can also be used with hangar doors and aircraft jacks.

Which hydraulic oils do Craggs Energy sell?

At Craggs Energy we have thousands of lubricants and greases in stock. Click here to see our most popular hydraulic oils. You can purchase online and get delivery straight to you place of work. We understand that each customer has speciality needs so call our lubricants team on 01422 888 489. We can search each piece of machinery and advise you on the recommended hydraulic oil to optimise performance.


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