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Gas Oil and Flame 35

Gas Oil (also known as Red Diesel, 35 Second Burning Oil and Tractor Diesel) is a liquid fuel product used for off highway machinery.
Gas Oil contains a red dye to identify it as it carries a lower duty than regular White “Road” Diesel.

Gas Oil is commonly used in, plant machinery, generators, manufacturing equipment, agricultural machinery, for generation of steam, waste furnaces and in industrial heating applications.

Gas Oil can be distributed UK wide in bulk via a fuel tanker or in 205L Barrels. In addition to this Gas Oil can be collected from the pump at both of our Cragg Vale (West Yorkshire) and Padiham (East Lancashire) depots.
For applications that are exclusively heating/burning based Craggs Energy can provide an alternative Gas Oil product called “Flame35”. Flame35 is commonly used in commercial heating systems but cannot be used in stationary generators or mobile plant.

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DERV (also known as White Diesel, Road Diesel or EN590) is a liquid fuel product most commonly used to fuel vehicles that operate on the road.

DERV can be supplied in bulk via a fuel tanker to any site across the UK. In addition to this DERV can be collected from the pump at both of our Cragg Vale (West Yorkshire) and Padiham (East Lancashire) depots.

This product can be sold either from the pump at our Head Office or Padiham Depot or in bulk when delivered by our tankers.

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A wide range of industries around the UK require Kerosene for heating applications and for use in machinery.
Kerosene, also known as Heating Oil, 28 Second Burning Oil, Central Heating Fuel and Home Heating Oil is a very clean and light liquid burning oil. Kerosene is commonly purchased and delivered in bulk by a fuel tanker (although delivery & collections of 20 litre containers / 205 litre barrels / 1000 litre IBC’s is also available).
Kerosene is priced by the litre and the price quoted is an “ex VAT” pence per litre price.

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