• Debenhams plc

    In 2016 Craggs Environmental installed and commissioned a UK wide tank telemetry system for Debenhams Retail plc.

The Problem

As one of the UKs top 3 high street department stores, Debenhams operate from locations all around the country. Many stores in their network have a requirement for bulk fuel for the provision of heating. Without visibility of their network of storage tanks, ensuring that Debenhams ordered fuel in the most efficient way (and at the right quantities) was becoming increasingly difficult.
100% In the last 5 years 100% of fuel processed by Craggs Environmental has been cleaned an brought back in line with specification.

The Solution

In situations where customers have fuel tanks located over multiple different sites, Craggs Environmental can provide both GPS and broadband enabled Tank Telemetry Systems to provide a centralised view of their entire stored fuel network. Most of these systems use a sonic pulse to accurately take a reading of the current fuel level in a customers tank and can be commissioned on both metallic and plastic tanks from a small commercial to industrial level.
In 2017 Craggs Environmental have provided a full telemetry system for a customer with a combined tank farm of over 500,000 litres.

The Outcome

Craggs Environmental helped centralise the procurement and monitoring of Debenhams entire bulk fuel network by providing a real time Tank Telemetry system. This system enables a single user to be able control their entire fuel network with an easy to use web based application which in addition to providing highly accurate fuel level readings also gives access to detailed fuel usage reports.