• Fuel Sampling

    54% of customers who had their fuel sampled had fuel which was outside of specification.
  • Fuel Uplift

    Craggs Environmental has uplifted over 1,000,000 litres of redundant fuel.
  • Tank Telemetry

    In 2016, 1.1 million litres of fuel was cleaned back within refinery grade specification.
  • Tank Install and Decomission

    Craggs Environmental can install and decommission 5000 to 3.5 million litre tanks UK wide.

Craggs Environmental nationwide fuel service solutions

Craggs Environmental provides commercial and public sector customers with a range of fuel management services to minimise the risks associated with using and storing large volumes of fuel.

The services cover best practice for management and monitoring of the fuel, along with testing, cleaning, polishing, rotation and removal of any redundant product as well as tank installation and decommissioning. Craggs Environmental are leading experts in helping customers get the very best out of the fuel used for emergency electricity generation, heating, industrial processing and transportation.

Latest Case Studies

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  • Fuel Uplift

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  • Tank Installation

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  • Remote Fuel Store Monitoring

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  • Fuel Testing

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  • On Site Fuel Cleaning

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