Tank Inspection, Installation and Decommissioning

Commercial sized fuel tanks, typically fabricated in steel, are normally tough and long lasting. However, from time to time, they will require a full inspection for weaknesses caused by cracks or erosion, usually from rust.

The regularity of these tank inspections depends up the volumes being stored and the nature of their specific operation. For industrial fuel storage tanks 5 years is the generally accepted inspection period, with visual and sonic testing required to ensure that they are not at risk of failing and causing costly environmental issues while also negating insurance policies.

Customer needs may require for tanks to be completely decommissioned where sites are due for closure or fuel storage is no longer necessarily. Craggs Environmental is able to decommission tanks of any size. If a new tank is required then Craggs Environmental are experienced in delivering the full tank commissioning process from initial inspections, to tank design, manufacture and finally installation.

For further details on any of the above services, please contact the Craggs Environmental Office on 01422 882500.