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Heating Oil Tank Installation

At Craggs Energy we can provide, replace and install a wide range of both plastic and metal bunded Heating Oil tanks to residential and commercial customers across the UK.

Almost all of the tanks we replace fit into one (or multiple) of the categories below:


  • Single skinned tanks - Almost half of all UK tanks are still single skinned.
  • Rust and corrosion (metal tanks).
  • Sun bleaching (plastic tanks) - Typically the tank fades from dark green, to pale green and is sign that the plastic has become brittle.
  • Inappropriate location - This can include proximity to buildings and water courses.
  • Unstable base - Tanks should be positioned on a solid level base (most commonly manufactured of concrete or flags).
  • Damaged site gauges / fittings
  • Persistent smell of fuel
  • Visible cracks (regardless of size)


As of 2018 we are now able to offer a financing package option allowing successful applications to pay for their tank replacement over a monthly basis. For more information call our team on 01422 413667 or click here.


Heating Oil Tank Install

Why should you replace your Heating Oil tank?

At Craggs Energy it is our responsibility to help prevent oil related risks ensuring that our customers are not exposed to potential disruptive, financial and environmental consequences as a result of tank failure, or an incorrectly installed tank.

There are more than 1m homes in the UK that rely on oil for heating, all of whom also rely on a storage tank to hold the fuel. According to OFTEC, the governing body for Oil Storage in the UK, more than 400,000 of these tanks are of the old fashioned, single skinned plastic or metal type, which are highly prone to cracks and leaks beyond their standard 10 year life span. However, older double skinned (bunded tanks) are not immune from failure due to age and harsh weather conditions.

Where a tank does fail, the costs can be eye watering – aside from the lost fuel, the cost of cleaning up even a small volume of fuel in the ground can be huge, and where the oil contaminates buildings it can be catastrophic, especially in stone built buildings that can suck up the oil like a sponge. In addition to this care must be given to not pollute local water courses and neighbouring properties.

What is the Tank Installation process?

The tank replacement process is really simple.

  1. 1. Give the Tank Installation team a call on 01422 413667 or fill out the contact form below.
  2. 2. Discuss your replacement requirements/concerns with our experts.
  3. 3. Our OFTEC accredited engineer conducts a visit to your property and carries out a full tank inspection.
  4. 4. The engineers findings are collated and a findings report with recommendations is produced.
  5. 5. When the proposal is accepted an installation date is agreed.
  6. 6. On installation day all work is carried out usually within one day so that the customer has no overnight loss of heating.
  7. 7. Upon completion of the installation the Workmanship Warranty Certificate is issued.

Why should you choose Craggs Energy to replace/install your Kerosene tank?

Safe, reliable, fast and covered by The Workmanship Warranty.

All of our tank installations are covered by The Workmanship Warranty to give you real peace of mind. The warranty lasts for six years from the date of installation. All customers receive a certificate by post to confirm that their installation has been registered into the OFTEC database. The warranty is transferable between owners of the property should you decide to sell your home within the six year window, adding to the value of your home.

Why are OFTEC tank regulations so important?

Craggs Energy abide to all OFTEC regulations to protect our customers and try to reduce risks of tank failure.

OFTEC warns that many general household insurance policies do not cover oil spills, and having spoken to a number of brokers, even the few that do, would consider an old failed tank that does not conform to OFTEC regulations as a reason to challenge payment. The environmental agency also have a duty of care to remove any polluted material from the area, whether this be earth or building foundations which can become very expensive, very quickly.

Will Heating Oil suppliers deliver into a damaged or unsuitable tank?

Craggs Energy like many other Kerosene distributors will not fill a tank if our drivers feel it’s too dangerous to do so. Tank failure is of particular concern for us, as the most likely time a tank will fail is when it’s being filled by one of our drivers and the tank is under most stress. OFTEC is working with the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers, who represent the majority of Oil Distributors, to ensure customers are aware of the risks of single skinned tanks and bunded tanks in poor condition.

If your tank fails or is deemed as unsuitable for delivery, our round-the-clock tank installation team can complete emergency work to ensure that your heating system is operating safely and your property stays warm.

Can I pay for my new tank in instalments?

We appreciate that replacing a tank can be an unexpected cost. However, we also recognise that the costs of not changing an unsafe tank can far outweigh the cost of replacement due to environmental or property damage.

We are now able to offer a tank financing package option allowing successful applicants to pay for their tank replacement on a monthly basis.

For more information on the Tank Financing packages that are available please click here.


Happy Customers

  • Back in September last year I lifted my head out of the sand to replace our condemned oil tank of 15+years. Sam at Craggs Energy was just great. From a quote, to a full explanation and breakdown of costs and installation dates, nothing was too much trouble, even as I sought to find answers to seemingly irrelevant questions. There was a mix up with the original installation date and how that was handled by Sam would make me recommend no other company. Tank fitted, oil transferred and a user friendly gadget installed to help monitor oil levels. Neil is the most amiable and patient engineer I have ever had the pleasure of working with - he was even at the end of a text in the recent bad weather trying to help me fix a ‘frozen’ boiler. What a great pair - I’d thoroughly recommend to all!!

    Kath Kenyon
  • Neil and his team went out of their way to ensure the installation of our new bunded tank was disruption free .Their attention to detail, communication and professionalism was first class and i would have no hesitation in recommending their service

    K Lyons
  • Very well planned and professionally executed job. Would recommend

    K Ralphs
  • Professional team, excellent communication, great install – recommended.

    M Mycock
  • A Craggs Energy driver spotted a crack that we hadn’t noticed on our single skinned tank. Craggs replaced with a bunded tank the day after and organised a fuel delivery that afternoon. Sam and Neil were great, highly recommended.

    J Downs
  • I was very happy with the job that Craggs did to replace my old fuel tank. A new concrete base was installed and a temporary overnight supply provided whilst it set. My residual fuel was stored in another temporary tank. On the second day my new tank was installed. All done with no issues at all and my eyesore old metal tank replaced with a new lockable tank with a remote sensor so that I know when to reorder fuel in time without having to dip the tank

    Colin Crawford


If you would like to find out more or book a site survey call our tank installation team on 01422 413667.

Alternatively please fill out the form below and one or our team will be in touch.


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