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As a Kerosene and Heating Oil supplier Craggs Energy thought it would a good idea to give you some more information on the products we sell.

Kerosene is used mainly as a heating fuel for all types of commercial and domestic premises. There are many names for Heating Oil. These include Kerosene, Boiler juice, 28 second Heating Oil and Kero. Premium Kerosene can have many names Craggs Energy supplies KeroKlene and RangeKlene.

We supply bulk Kerosene in oil tankers of various sizes. We have a large fleet of vehicles ranging from 8000 litre baby tanker all the way up to our 36,000 litre tanker. Domestically we supply Kerosene in volumes from 500 litre. As with most products you can benefit from bulk buying so the more you order the cheaper fuel you will receive.

KeroKlene and RangeKlene

Craggs Energy provide two premium options for our customer. KeroKlene and RangeKlene can only be purchased from us and are specially designed for use with boilers and range cookers. KeroKlene is a cleaner burning Heating Oil and designed to help prolong the life of your boiler. RangeKlene is designed to be used with range and aga cookers. These types of machinery often require a better graded fuel as they require a cleaner burn. RangeKlene burns cleaner and reduces the soot that can form in your cooker.

Buying Kerosene from Craggs Energy

Craggs Energy has experiences exceptionally high growth in the last few years this has given us the chance to buy fuel at the best possible rates. we combine that with the best service. We have a dedicated customer experience team who can deal with any queries and will make sure your delivery is as smooth as possible.

We also have a fixed price fuel option and you can fix your Kerosene for a full year. You will not be exposed to fuel rises and you can select our never run out option which will guarantee you delivery when you most need it.

One thing that makes Craggs Energy different is that we allow you to buy Kerosene online. you simple have to fill out one online form and you will be provided with an instant online price.

Fill in our online quote box to the right to receive todays price or call us on 01422 882500.






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Halifax Agricultural Show – Saturday 12th August

Pendleside Tractor Rally - Saturday 19th August

Kilnsey Show – Tuesday 29th August

Westmorland County Show – Thursday 14th September

Penistone Show – Saturday 9th September

Make sure you call over to our stand where we will have complimentary drinks, competitions for all the family and a special show-only price! Alongside this, members of our team will be on hand to discuss your Heating Oil, Red Diesel or Lubricant requirements.