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When did you last check the health of your fuel tank?

Making sure your Heating Oil tank has enough fuel in is very important… but did you now that maintaining your tank to keep it safe and fit for purpose is just as important?







OFTEC advise that you regularly check the condition of your tank as this can help identify any risk of tank failure and also reduce the chances of a fuel spill.

If your tank displays any of the following issues you could be at higher risk of tank failure:

  • Single skinned tank – these are at a greatly higher chance of leaking as there is no protective bund around the tank.
  • Rust and corrosion (metal tanks) – this puts your tank under immense pressure when you take a load of fuel, increasing the chances of your tank cracking.
  • Sun Bleaching (plastic tanks) – this makes the plastic tank more brittle and at a greater risk of failing when you receive a fuel delivery.
  • Inappropriate location – if your tank is installed in an unsuitable location the tank may undergo more stress so the condition of it will decrease at a faster rate.
  • Unstable base – an unstable base can cause your tank to lose its shape, making the condition of the tank worse and in turn increasing the risk of your tank splitting.
  • Damaged site gauges / fittings – damage to gauges and fitting greatly increases the chances of a fuel leak.
  • Persistent smell of fuel – this is often the case when there has been a fuel spill nearby. Although the fuel may not be visible, there is a chance it has soaked in to the ground, causing great environmental damage. If the fuel has spilt into your property the damage to your home could be beyond repair if left too long, meaning a part of your home could need rebuilding.
  • Visible cracks (regardless of size) – A crack in a fuel tank will most likely lead to a spill especially if your tank is metal and/or single skinned.

As well as checking your own tank regularly we advise that you get an annual OFTEC certified technician to perform a Tank Inspection. We can offer UK wide OFTEC Certified Tank Inspections so if you have any concerns about your tank, or it has been over a year since you last had a Tank Inspection please give us a call on 01422 882500.

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