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Saving Plans


Say goodbye to large one off Heating Oil bills with a Craggs Energy Savings Plan!


Our savings plan has been designed to help you spread your heating costs over 12 months rather than paying for your fuel in large individual chunks when you order!

Monthly payments are made by direct debit. The debit amount is calculated at current prices

and is based upon your estimated annual Heating Oil usage.


To calculate your monthly payment amount, choose from one of the two calculators below:

1. Heating Oil Usage – not sure how much fuel you used in the past 12 months?

No problem! Use this calculator to estimate your annual usage and then use the “Saving Plan Calculator” to work out your monthly cost!

2. Saving Plan Calculator – if you know your annual fuel usage (or you have used the “Heating Oil Usage” calculator), use this tool to calculate your monthly payment amount and start the application process.


You can sign up to your Craggs Energy Savings Plan online in under three minutes or alternatively you can call our customer experience team on 01422 882500 and select option 3.

To view our Saving Plans terms and conditions click here.


Heating Oil Usage Calculator

Saving Plan Calculator

Enter your annual Heating Oil usage below and click "Calculate Saving Plan Cost".

Don't know how much Heating Oil you use in the year? Use our "Heating Oil Usage Calculator".

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What are the risks to Heating Oil Supply in the UK? Most of us that use heating oil to keep our homes warm in the cold winter months don’t have cause to think of the potential risks to the supply of fuel. Quite understandably, we take it for granted that there is no real shortage of oil in the world and plenty of trucks on the road to get us heating oil pretty much as and when we need it. Even when the temperatures drop, prices might spike for a few weeks, but there is never really a situation where this is not enough oil to go around.