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Millers Oil Multifleet 15w40 20L Drum

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Millers Oil Multifleet 15w40 20L Drum

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Multifleet 15w40 provides excellent protection for a range of Euro III and some Euro IV and Euro V vehicles and US technology vehicles. Also suitable for use in petrol engines requiring the API SL specification

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Recommended for use in diesel engines requiring a lubricant with the performance profile ACEA E7, API CI-4, MB 228.3 and Volvo VDS-3. Formulated for use in diesel engines fitted to trucks, light commercial vehicles, vans and off-highway equipment. Multifleet 15w40, also complies to the API SL specification and can therefore be recommended for use in petrol engines. A true mixed fleet lubricant which can be used where one oil is preferred for simplicity and inventory reasons. - The mineral oil 15w40 formulation offers a high degree of engine protection and excellent oil consumption control -Whilst standard oil drain periods are recommended, the high levels of detergency and dispersancy ensure engine cleanliness and a reassuring performance margin at the end of the stipulated drain intervals -For fleet operation where diesel engines form the major part of the fleet but where it is advantageous to use the same oil in petrol engines
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Additional Information

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Brand Millers Oil
Length No
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Capacity 400g
Manufacturer Millers Oils